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ARINC Airports SelfServ solution datasheet A4 EMEA

ARINC Airports SelfServ solution datasheet A4 EMEA

More people flying and enhanced security requirements are creating congestion at modern airports. With passengers experiencing longer wait times, airports are looking for ways to speed travellers through their journey while making the best use of limited resources. Our robust, flexible and highly dependable ARINC SelfServ™ solution does just that.

The ARINC SelfServ software platform enables CUSS-compliant airline applications to operate – without requiring modification – making it cost effective to deploy and simple to use. Our CUSS kiosk hardware has a streamlined design that requires a minimal footprint, making ARINC SelfServ an excellent choice for both on-site and off-site installations. And, with alert and monitoring capabilities, the ARINC SelfServ solution minimises downtime and maintenance.

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