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ARINC Airports SelfServ kiosks data sheet A4 EMEA

ARINC Airports SelfServ kiosks data sheet A4 EMEA

ARINC SelfServ kiosks can host any airline with CUSS airport systems-compliant check-in application, without reengineering. We have installed more than half of the kiosks at airports worldwide. ARINC SelfServ combines high-quality airport kiosk architecture from a variety of manufacturers with innovative software technology. All ARINC SelfServ kiosk devices, such as passport and credit card readers, and bag tag and boarding pass printers, are selected for their consistent performance. During installation, we ensure all devices are fully interoperable and applications are integrated  to perform optimally within the existing airline IT systems.


Ficha de dados do quiosque ARINC Airports SelfServ

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