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ARINC Airports AMS service desk data sheet A4 EMEA

Rockwell Collins’ ARINC Managed Services (AMS) manages 40,000 calls annually for over 3,000 customers in 85 countries in various industries, including airport operations. AMS customers rely on our 24/7/365 global service because they know we will pursue the right solution to any problem.

ARINC Airports AMS radio maintenance and support data sheet A4 EMEA

At Rockwell Collins’ ARINC Managed Services (AMS), we know we can’t just be a service provider to our airline and airport management customers. Our global radio maintenance and support has become an integral part of several major airlines’ operations.

ARINC Airports AMS parking system maintenance and support data sheet A4 EMEA

A complete service management solution for parking as a part of your airport operations. When parking revenue control systems go down, parking operators are faced with the possibility of lost revenue and airports manangement are tasked with making incident resolution a top priority.

ARINC Airports AMS Overview brochure A4 EMEA

The enterprise landscape is evolving at a fast pace, and the pressure to introduce new technologies into your airport IT environment has never been greater. Managing maintenance costs, vendor requirements and IT system stability demands requires time and expertise.

ARINC Airports AMS IT systems maintenance data sheet A4 EMEA

Understandably, a lot of aviation companies keep their airport IT support in-house to keep costs down. IT personnel often fill many critical roles in a company’s daily airline operations and have limited time to maintain a multitude of technologies.

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