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Flight Information Displays

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ARINC Airports AirVue digital signage A4 EMEA

Sharing and managing passenger-related information can be a challenge for airports of all sizes – but Rockwell Collins can help. Our ARINC AirVue™ portfolio of information display technologies is designed to keep passengers moving and drive revenue opportunities for your business. From our interactive flight boards that can be installed just about anywhere, to our flight information display systems (FIDS), and enterprise-level solutions that bring all your operations together, ARINC AirVue has the right solution to optimize your operations.

A solução de exibição ideal para aeroportos de todos os tamanhos. O ARINC AirVue™ (FIDS) é um portfólio dinâmico de tecnologias de exibição de informações criado para estimular o fluxo operacional e de passageiros do aeroporto e impulsionar oportunidades de receita. O ARINC AirVue tem a solução certa para otimizar as operações do lado terra.

ARINC Airports AirVue at Durango Airport Case Study

Durango Airport keeps passengers informed and moving with Rockwell Collins.

Regional airport sees big benefits from ARINC AirVue Flight Information Display System

ARINC Airports AirVue digital signage trifold A4 EMEA

The ideal display solution for any size airport. ARINC AirVue™ is a dynamic portfolio of information display technology designed to stimulate operational and airport passenger flow and drive revenue opportunities. ARINC AirVue has the right solution to optimise your landside operations.

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